Price matching policy


If you find a lower price,we'll match it and add a small gift for you.

Sneakers Mine Best Price Guarantee means we won't be beat by a qualifying retailer's price offered in their store or on their website. You'll always get the lowest price on the biggest brands and latest styles. So now you can worry less about the price of the sneaker you love and spend more time enjoying it.

What qualifies for Best Price Guarantee?

The Product is an identical match

Same brand,same model number,same color, same size.

The product is immediately available at a qualifying store or website. That includes:

Souq(Amazon), Namshi, Sun and sands sports,,, Puma UAE, Converse and other physical stores close to you within 20 km.

The product meets our eligibility criteria.

There are some products or purchases that are not eligible, such as markdowns during special daily and hourly sales. But we keep those exclusions limited to help everyone afford to play sports. Check out all the details of eligibility below.

Contact us on whatsapp immediately if you are sure that you have gotten a better price and let us handle it from there.

You can select other methods like Facebook messaging or emailing us with all the details. Contact here.

What types of products and pricing are NOT eligible for price matching?

  • BOGO (Buy One, Get One) promotions
  • Flash sales
  • Custom products
  • Backorders and out-of-stock products
  • Store-wide, site-wide and category-wide promotions
  • Rebates and gifts with purchase
  • Outlets and 3rd party retailers
  • Products sold by 3rd party retailers on SOUQ Amazon (even if fullfilled by Souq/Amazon)
  • Clearance products and going-out-of-business sales
  • Loyalty promotions, reward certificates and credit/financing offers
  • Trade-in offers, pre-owned and demo product pricing
  • Employee discounts on top of price matching